Discover Your Bliss With Crystals for Joy

Find Your Bliss with Crystals for Joy

What are you doing to discover your bliss each day? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably: not enough. Happiness shouldn’t be this hard to come by. Everyday that we’re alive, we get to experience what’s like to rocket through space on a beautiful planet full of forests, oceans, and, most importantly, puppies! Everywhere around us are connections waiting to be made with people who are rich with stories. That we get to go through life, making bonds with our favorite people, and somehow, inevitably, find ourselves in a rut is baffling, but alas, we’re human. Luckily, there’s a lot we can do to get ourselves out of that rut. First and foremost, we have to reassert our determination to find unbridled joy at the beginning of each day.

Have you ever not been in the mood to go out, but had a friend encourage (or possibly drag) you out, anyway? It’s often the case that, even though we may have cursed our friends for making us leave the comfort of our home, once we were out, we had a great time. That’s kind of how passion works. Even when you don’t feel like putting in the effort to look for joy, you have to be the voice of friendly and sometimes pushy motivation for yourself. Drag yourself out to do something you enjoy, surround yourself with crystals for joy and you can thank yourself later.     

How Will You Use Your Crystals for Joy?

Photo Diary Challenge

Let’s do a small exercise right now. Go outside and find 5 things that bring you happiness. Absorb the landscape around you. Notice the details. Hear the birds, trace the lines on the leaves of plants, enjoy the juxtaposition of shadows, and allow your mind to wonder about the stories the people around you could tell. A photographer’s eye finds art in the ordinary, and that’s what we all should aspire to doing each day. Take a photograph of your favorite observation that has brought you joy in this trip outside.

Each day, do the same thing. Even if you have to work or have a lot to get done, this short, but fulfilling exercise is easy enough to do during your lunch break. Commit to no excuses. Get out there and find something to peak your interest! After 30 days, look back on your photos. What themes do you see? Which photos resonate with you most even now? If you took a lot of photos of nature, maybe your spirit is craving a dose of the wild. If there are a lot of pictures of animals, consider volunteering one day a week at an animal shelter. If there are a lot of sunsets, reward your soul by taking a drive somewhere that you can experience a truly stunning sunset.   

A Grid with Crystals for Joy

Commemorate your search for bliss with a crystal grid that will radiate with that happy intention each day. While we recommend crystals for joy, like Rose Quartz for self-love, Carnelian for the pursuit of passion, Yellow Jasper for renewed vibrancy, Amazonite for optimism, or Fuchsite for inspiring a sense of childlike whimsy, this grid should represent what crystals bring YOU joy.

Customize your crystal grid for happiness so that it holds the energy of bliss for yourself. For the center stone, use a citrine point. You can either place this stone on a sheet of paper that you have filled to the edges with writings of things that make you happy, or you can tie this grid in with your photo diary challenge and set the point on a picture you took that makes you happy with you look at it. Some may even choose to set the point on a picture of a place they’d like to go, as a way to manifest that journey into their life. Whatever you select to place your citrine point on is up to you; just as long as it inspires bliss in your spirit! Surround the point with stones of your choosing. If you’re blanking, we’re liking this combination for our crystal grid for happiness:

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Radiant

Sometimes getting a little dolled up helps us to express a light within us that is itching to shine out. This practice isn’t about looks or vanity, it’s about self-expression. Tap into your creativity, and start your day feeling great about yourself. It’s easier to carry on that feeling throughout the day when you tune into it before even leaving the house. If you have a small citrine stone or citrine jewelry, use it to manifest greater joy. Citrine is one of the most vibrant crystals for joy, and has powerful properties of manifestation. After you’ve put on your desired outfit, grab your citrine. Hold it in your hands, as you look at yourself in the mirror. Repeat your intention aloud three times: I beam with positive light. I beam with positive light. I beam with positive light. Place the citrine in your pocket, bra, or in your purse, or wear it around your neck or wrist, so that you can hold that energy close all day.

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