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Golden Healer Quartz Point


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Willpower • Grounding • Resolutions
Golden healer quartz, also known as Hematoid Quartz, is formed when Hematite and Quartz come together. Together in Golden Healer Quartz Points, Hematite and Quartz will rejuvenate your sense of motivation, brighten your outlook and open your eyes to new possibilities. This is the perfect stone for bringing your New Year resolutions to life. 


Golden Healer Quartz, also known as Hematoid Quartz, is a form of quartz crystal that ranges in color from yellow to orange and even reddish hues. When Hematite and Quartz marry within the same Golden Healer Quartz touchstone, they form a dynamic duo perfect for bringing your New Year resolutions to life.

Hematite provides a grounding energy that roots you in your center.  It connects to the base chakra and stimulates your inner power and strength. The energy that Hematite stirs is amplified by the excitable vibrations of Quartz crystal. As a high vibrational crystal, Quartz is one of the best for programming intentions, amplifying energies and releasing or clearing negativity. Not only will Quartz strengthen Hematite’s communion with the base chakra, it will also connect with and align the entire chakric field.

Together in Golden Healer Quartz Points, Hematite and Quartz will rejuvenate your sense of motivation, brighten your outlook and open your eyes to new possibilities. The clarity of mind that Clear Quartz brings, combined with the grounding and centering that Hematite provides, will help you get clear on what you want and give you the security and determination to go after it. This stone works to strengthen your willpower. It’s not enough to know what you want -- you have to take action toward it. Used in meditation, this point will not only lift you out of the slump that a lack of drive dumped you into, it will act like a compass in aiding you to see which direction to move in next. Light your inner fire and get serious about your future plans. With Golden Healer Quartz, you can bring the power of positivity to everything you set your sights on.

Origin: Brazil

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Golden Healer Quartz Point:

If you have trouble sticking to your resolutions, use a Golden Healer Quartz Point to direct your energy toward staying on track. This crystal gives you an inner strength and sense of will to stick to your goals.

How to Use Golden Healer Quartz:

Write down your New Year resolutions and place your Golden Healer Quartz Point on top. Set the paper and your Golden Healer crystal somewhere you can see it and be reminded to keep to your resolutions.


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