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Phantom Quartz Crystal


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Nickname: Push the Limits

Phantom Quartz is all about growth and moving forward. Its energy can help guide you through your spiritual journey. Working with this crystal can help you transition from one phase of your life to another. The transformational power of Phantom Quartz is a strong one, and the ideal energy for anyone going through a major life change. 

Small ~1.5" to 1.75” tall • Medium ~2" tall • Large ~3” tall


You may not see the energy of Phantom Quartz, but you’ll certainly feel its presence in the room. Muhahaha! Actually, Phantom Quartz, also known as the “ghost crystal,” is nothing to be scared of. Like Casper, this is a friendly ghost. It gets its name from secondary crystal growths that haunt Crystal Quartz from within. These growths can be made up of minerals, or can appear as another type of quartz like rose quartz or smoky quartz. The Crystal Quartz envelops these secondary growths, and creates the look of minerals or crystals floating within the primary crystal.

Not surprisingly, these crystals are all about growth. Just as with the journey Phantom Quartz takes in becoming what it is, our lives are full of unexpected growths. We go through phases, new things come into our life, we learn and we grow. The energy of Phantom Quartz can help induce and guide you through spiritual development. It has the ability to receive and deliver messages to and from the universe. This is a crystal that can aid the transition from one phase of your life to another, so that you learn what you needed to learn and move on. The transformational power of Phantom Quartz is a strong one, and the ideal energy for when you need to manifest a spiritual evolution.

For those nostalgic individuals who often find themselves too focused on the past to concentrate on the future, seek the guidance of phantom quartz. As it works to shift your mind through lending clarity, it will also take you out of negative mental patterns, like thinking too much about the past rather than about the present or future. In addition to cleansing you of negative thought patterns, this is a great stone to use if there are any patterns in life that you need to break and reform in a healthier way.

Each one of these white phantom quartz points will be completely different and unique. No two are alike; they will all vary in shape, size, appearance and pattern—yet they all carry a very powerful energy. All sales are final on these crystals. 


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