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Confident & Strong Wearable Scents Bracelet


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Strength | Vitality | Positive Vibrations
Our Confident & Strong Wearable Scents Bracelet combines the energies of the Rudraksha Miracle Bead & Red Tiger's Eye to bring you strength, confidence and vitality.


Our IF Wearable Scents bracelets combine the knowledge of miracle beads, color and stones with the magic of Ron Robinson's Apothia "IF" scent to create a fashionable and fragrant tool of intention.

The color energy of red and orange is strength.

The Rudraksha Miracle Bead is a natural seed that emits positive vibrations. Red Tiger's Eye is the gemstone of movement, vitality and confidence.

Apothia IF eau de parfum is fresh, clean, light and sensual. Spray a little IF on the bead to feel confident and strong!

Affirmation: I am confident and strong.

The Confident & Strong Wearable Scents Bracelets is 7.25" in length, made with nylon cord and silver-plated finishings. 


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