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Ulexite Stone


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Do you have bad vision in your third eye? If you can’t seem to gain clarity on any of the areas in your life, use an Ulexite Stone to get the focus you need. Also called TV rock, connecting with ulexite stone energy can bring profound insights to issues that have alluded you in the past. If you find yourself going over and over the same subject, take a moment to breathe and get in sync with ulexite energy. Ulexite naturally has a magnifying effect, so we suggest you use it to take a closer look at any desired area of your life!

Size: ~1.5" to 2"


Ulexite’s energy is beneficial for mentally regrouping, and stepping out of toxic thought cycles. Ulexite offers a serene plane that you can escape to when you want to relax the mind. You can use this stone in meditation by lying down, and setting the ulexite stone on your third eye chakra. As ulexite healing properties naturally fuse with the third eye, it will have a cleansing effect on the mental turmoil that you are experiencing.

Rather than going into your meditation with the intention of achieving a new perspective, simply use the ulexite energy to bring your mind into a state of calm. Through relieving your stress, lucidity will follow. The clarity that ulexite brings is thought to also profit your business decisions. Sometimes, even when your business is booming, you can benefit from a new outlook. Staying in the same frame of mind can lead to creative stagnancy. Ulexite healing properties assist in purifying the mind and spirit so that you can work from a clean slate. That clarity is like a blank canvas for the imagination, full of potential.

By bringing a sense of harmony between mind, body and spirit, ulexite properties inspire the soul to create. It’s even said to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, as it relieves tension and sparks joy. Use it on your third eye chakra in a facial grid mask with other stones to relax and take the weight of your day off.      

Each one of these Ulexite stones will differ in size, shape, color and pattern. No two are alike! All sales are final on these. 



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