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Third Eye Chakra Earrings


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Intuition • Guidance • Awareness
Our Third Eye Chakra Earrings are made with Sodalite for guidance, intuition and spirituality.


Our Third Eye Chakra Earrings were designed with Sodalite for intuition, awareness and third eye chakra healing. Sodalite is a gemstone of harmony and intuition that helps to open up your third eye. It brings soothing, calming and harmonizing energies into your energy field to help deepen your meditation and connect you with the indigo ray.

Your third eye chakra is located at the front of your head—above and in between your eye brows—and is connected with the color indigo. It is associated with the mind, ideas, thoughts and intuition. When your third eye chakra is balanced, you feel clear, inspired and connected with your spiritual beliefs. When your third eye chakra becomes unbalanced, you often feel overwhelmed with your own thoughts, making your mind cluttered—making third eye chakra healing all the more important.

Our Third Eye Chakra Earrings are sterling silver with 4mm faceted Sodalite beads. The hoops are approximately 3 cm in diameter. These earrings for third eye chakra healing are handmade with love and positive energy. They come on a 3” x 4” Chakra message card. 


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