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The Light Necklace


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Personal Power • Manifestation • Optimism
Made with the highest-grade, natural Citrine, the Light Necklace helps you to release any fear and negativity to open yourself up to the light. Powered by the energy of the Sun, citrine is a powerful manifestation tool that allows you to connect with your intention in each and every moment.  

36" on brown cotton cord.


A natural citrine pendant fosters abundance, wealth and prosperity. Citrine properties are powerful tools for bringing your intention to life. Wearing a citrine pendant necklace daily allows you to connect with the citrine and your intention in each and every moment. Doing so will assist you on your spiritual journey and bring the energy of your intentions into the universe so that it can manifest faster. 

The citrine properties also bring in rays of the sun, creating light, happiness and positive energy around your body while also dissolving negative energy. When you have natural citrine in your space, you attract positive energy.

Wear the Light Necklace above your clothes, so it can absorb the energy from the sun, which will further amplify your intentions. When you go to sleep, place the citrine necklace on top of your written intention.

This citrine necklace is made of A-grade citrine—completely natural citrine. Sometimes lower grade citrines are actually baked amethyst crystals. Heat-treated citrine usually is orange at the tips and white towards the bottom. Natural citrine is a beautiful smoky champagne or honey color. 

Affirmation: I AM the LIGHT. I have the power to create prosperity and abundance in my life. 

Due to the nature of citrine points, every Natural Citrine Pendant Necklace will vary in color, shape, size and pattern—but every single one is beautiful and unique. Due to the rarity and limited quantity of these crystals, no coupon codes will be valid and all sales are final.


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