"Energy Muse products continue to remind us of the balance, spirit and freedom that we're striving to always have as a team."

-The beach volleyball team of Elaine Youngs (2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist), Nicole Branagh (2006 AVP Most Improved Player) and coach Liz Masakayan (1988 Olympian)

"The positive energy that I feel after reading the affirmation 'I accept greatness with gratitude,' is more than enough for me to be a believer."

-Gary J. Grewe

"Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of crystals. In 2016, I went through a breakup that shook me up terribly. I was lost and hopeless for months. I had just turned 30 and felt like I had to completely restart my life. Then, I found Energy Muse and as a Christian, I was quite skeptical. But I could not help but be drawn to the crystals and started to buy a few here and there. I started using them as “little friends” who whispered wisdom and guidance, blessing me with positive energy all day. With your new book, Crystal Muse, I cannot wait to try some of the rituals and see what else the crystals bring forth (I hope love and babies!) - it's certainly been a wonderful and healing journey. So I can say with much confidence that I am the happiest I have ever been."

-Tammy Najarian

"I've recently gotten into crystals and Energy Muse has been an inspiration and guide on my journey. I've have a crazy last couple years (miscarriage, separated, new job, found out I have a 'terminal' illness - LAM (lynphangioleimyomatosis) out of the blue, divorced, and then got engaged) so needless to say, I've had lots of emotions swirling around. The crystals, along with prayer and meditation, have helped me to regain my focus and inner peace and joy. I'm much happier now and my health has been improving too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"In 2006, I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. I wasn't going through fertility or anything like that, but we were actively tracking and trying to get pregnant. I was becoming discouraged. I had seen an ad for energy muse jewelry in a magazine I was reading and decide to check it out. When I went to your website I was drawn to the Guardian Angel Necklace. I purchased the necklace immediately. When I received the necklace, I meditated (as instructed) on my desire to conceive a child. I wore the necklace every day. The very next month, I learned that I was pregnant. I continued to wear the necklace throughout my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl. I wore the necklace for a little longer, but within a month's time, the necklace broke. I kept it for some time and then decided to send it back for repair. I think I did send it back and received a repaired necklace. The funny thing is that now it is gone. I cannot find it. I have been going through a difficult time and thought that I would meditate and leverage the necklace again, but I cannot find it. I believe that it served its purpose and is now gone. I do not wear different necklaces as much now (my daughter gave me one I wear most days) but have ordered the Guardian Angel Bracelet (along with a few other items) and hope to meditate and leverage the energy again."

- Christine Cuba

"I am constantly chanting "I honor my true voice!" I just adore and believe in my voice bracelet! I'm not taking it off until it falls off."

- Christina Murphy

"I just received my crystal necklace in the mail, and I am over the moon with excitement. I've been looking for a pyramid-shaped crystal for a long time, and when I found your website I knew this was the piece for me. I can't believe how quickly it arrived! The packaging is beautiful and the information included with the necklace is so helpful and inspiring. I'm so happy I found your site!"

- Melanie Dick

"I own three Energy Muse necklaces. Because the transformations I've undergone as a result of wearing Energy Muse are so wonderful, radiant and empowering; I bought a Health bracelet for my sister after her third major back surgery. Before receiving Health, her mood was dark and focused completely on the negative. She was in pain constantly. The bracelet (along with daily affirmations) made such a difference in her. She will not take the bracelet off ever! She feels it literally saved her life with the energy and power it evoked. She is now practicing a modified yoga routine, working part time, off those horrid pain pills, and smiling again. Your products are wonderful...Namaste."

- Kathy McGhan

"Approximately five years ago I met Timmi, owner of Energy Muse and was immediately drawn to her energy and strength and soon discovered that Energy Muse was a powerful energy source that I wanted to incorporate into my daily regiment by wearing a couple key pieces (Sun with Coin and Strength with Coin Necklaces)."

- Marcella

"I always have my Protection Necklace in my pocket at work in my scrubs. If I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed I reach into my pocket and hold it. When I had surgery to remove a tumor two years ago, my mother held it the entire time I was in surgery. Since then, the energy I have felt in it has been amazing. There is true power in believing that something is protecting you in all aspect of life. I hope to have my necklace forever. I bought my mom her own for Christmas and she keeps it in her purse. I love Energy Muse and just the purity and spirit of it all."

- Sher McAfee

"Recently, I bought the Clarity Necklace to open my mind to where I belong, where I want to live and to find stability in myself again. I've gotten stars in my eyes again, am more calm and focused and can really see what is important to me! Thank you Energy Muse. I will continue buying necklaces for my loved ones and me! Much Love, Peta"

- Petra Moos

"My Grounding Bracelet has been immensely helpful in helping me to attain peace while I, as a teacher, undertook the great challenge of creating a brand new curriculum this year (for a school at which I am the "newbie!" Stressful!) The Freedom necklace will help me to continue to exercise my creativity at work, while also striving to achieve personal freedom for my goals in life outside of work. Thank you for inspiration!"

- Shannon Gallagher

"I received my wonderful Energy Muse Power Bracelet yesterday. I am amazed at the quality and beauty of this item. I want to thank PETA for partnering with animal lovers that are also creative artists. I am wearing this bracelet now and it not only reminds me of animals but of the fact that people working together can bring about change and make this a better world."

- Carol Gerratana

"Bike racing is dangerous! We're out there going 30-60 mph, wearing nothing but thin lycra and Styrofoam helmet! But to be successful in the sport you have to be able to push aside the apprehension of crashing and just go for it. My Energy Muse Guardian Angel necklace gives me peace of mind. I feel its weight around my neck while I race and it reminds me to stay calm and relaxed, to think positive, and to expect that things will go well for me. Since I bought it last fall, I've raced a lot and haven't crashed once. It reminds me that I've got guardian angels watching over me all the time, protecting me."

- Megan Hottman (Professional Cyclist)

"My daughter gave me the Energy Muse Power bracelet for a gift. The minute I attached the bracelet to my wrist, everything's been coming up roses! Not only have I seen some of my immediate goals come to fruition but have found wearing this bracelet to be a real confidence builder. I never see myself taking it off. I am a true fan."