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Tectonic Quartz


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Inner Reflection • Shift • Ownership
These crystals are millions of years old. Tectonic Quartz is the result of a massive shift in energy from the Earth's movement, which caused the crystal to shift into a new form. The striations and grooves on these crystals were created from movement in the tectonic plates deep within the Earth. Connect with them for inner reflection, helping you to take ownership and make your own shift.

Size ~1.5" to 2"


Sometimes it can be difficult not to compare ourselves to the successes of others. The next time you get down on yourself because you haven’t progressed in the same way or at the same time as someone else, grab hold of your Tectonic Quartz Crystal. Tectonic quartz crystal is known for the strange and beautiful formation patterns that develop as a result of tectonic influences. As the quartz’ growth periodically gets interrupted by other forces, it causes an appearance unlike any other. It’s because of this unique growth that tectonic quartz is so stunning. This is a helpful lesson to all of us who may be inclined to use the success of someone else as a reason to feel insecure about ourselves. Tectonic quartz healing properties infuse you with the clarity to understand that we are all on our own journey, and that we all progress and grow in our own way.

As a crystal for programming, quartz is the ideal crystal to use when setting intentions. Keep the tectonic quartz meaning in mind when making your resolutions. Rather than focusing on the progress of others, use tectonic quartz healing properties to set an intention that concentrates on your own development. Meditating with tectonic quartz will assist you in absolving the negativity you hold toward yourself. The purifying vibrations of tectonic quartz healing properties will infuse you with positivity, bringing you to recognize the beauty of your own advancements.

Connect with tectonic quartz energy to re-energize yourself with an optimistic outlook on your life. Through amplifying your intentions and energy, tectonic quartz properties will help shape you into the person you want to become. This immersion of light, uplifting vibrations from tectonic quartz will be a catalyst for your growth.  

Origin: Brazil

Each Tectonic Quartz crystal will vary in shape, size and pattern; each is unique. All sales are final on these crystals.



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