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Tanzanite Hoop Earrings


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Spiritual Growth • Peaceful Heart • Calming
These Tanzanite Hoop Earrings radiate calming and soothing energies. It encourages inner peace, increasing the connection between your mind and your heart. Tanzanite is one of the most magical and powerful crystals in the metaphysical world!

Gold Plated—brass metal electroplated with gold (no nickel)


These Tanzanite Hoop Earrings are perfect for everyday wear! Tanzanite emits calming and soothing energies, helping to calm your mind. It encourages spiritual growth and for you to speak your truth. It is a very high-vibrational stone, often called the Stone of Magic. It teaches us to live from a compassionate heart. Tanzanite provides powerful protection by connecting you with your angels. It stimulates your third eye, helping to stimulate your intuition. Wear your Tanzanite earrings to embrace your inner power and live from your heart!

The Tanzanite Hoop Earrings are approximately 1.5” in diameter , but the crystals will all vary in size, shape, color and pattern. Each pair is unique and special. All sales are final on these earrings. 


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