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Surrender Necklace


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Surrendering can be scary. With it, comes losing control. When we surrender, we give up the struggle and accept the fate that will come. Getting what we want at times calls for a fight, but sometimes, the fight to get what we want is what is keeping us from receiving what we need. Allow yourself to surrender with this Zebra Jasper and Agate necklace, and trust in the universe to provide.

 8mm beads • 28"


Jasper is a natural support system. It takes in the negativity that you are putting out, and dispels it. When you feel like your stress and anxiety have built up to a breaking point, don’t ignore it and think that it will go away on its own. Take action by tapping into the energy of jasper. Zebra jasper, in particular, is a crystal of optimism. It helps you to see beyond the mounting anxiety. After assuaging the worry away, it uplifts the spirit with positivity. The grounding essence of zebra jasper will assist in the process of surrender. It can feel often feel like you are losing the ground underneath you when you finally decide to let the universe take control. Zebra jasper gives you a sense of stability, so that you can feel assured in your decision to release.

It’s natural for there to be doubts and emotional turmoil surrounding your choice to surrender your struggle. For the emotions that arises during this time, and even for the trauma that has developed previously, tune into the energy of Agate to relieve you spirit of lingering darkness. Strengthen resolve with the agate properties of self-confidence and balance. The added stability that agate infuses you with will be a comfort in your time of transitioning to a new phase. Accept what comes your way, and allow the agate to lend you the perception to identify new opportunities. When you’ve had your eyes sight on one thing for so long, you can lose perspective. Agate increases your ability to perceive things from a fresh, positive angle.

Letting go is difficult, but with this Surrender necklace, it can be rewarding as well.

Due to the nature of this surrender necklace, all will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern - including the agate pendant. 



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