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Strength Coin Bracelet


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Vitality | Will | Re-energizing
Made with Charoite, Red Jasper, Carnelian and Sunstone, our Strength Bracelet was created to help you find and harness your inner strength. When you wear this bracelet, you know that the possibilities are limitless.


The Strength Bracelet was designed to align you with the energy of strength. We have the strength to achieve anything we desire. It lies within us each and every moment. The strength bracelet helps to re-awaken our strength within.

Charoite resonates with the heart, helping us to release anger, guilt and unwanted energy. It encourages the strength to create your ideal present, helping you feel limitless. Charoite is a soul gemstone with deep physical and emotional healing energies. It helps you to overcome your fears. 
Red Jasper helps you trust yourself, release self-judgment and value your unique abilities. This healing gemstone encourages creativity, enthusiasm, beauty and joy.
Carnelian is worn for confidence, success and optimism. It helps to keep one in a positive state of mind, making all things possible.
Sunstone is filled with light, vitality and expansiveness. This gemstone is a powerful one for bringing joy and positive feelings into your life. 
The authentic Chinese Coin, estimated to be 100-500 years old, is an ancient and powerful manifesting tool for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity.

Affirmation: I embrace my inner strength. I see myself as strong, powerful and limitless.

This unique handcrafted jewelry has been cleansed using ancient techniques and energized to amplify the power and healing properties of the stones.


Customer Reviews

I have to share my story with you... Review by Melanie
I have to share my story with you...Back in the beginning of June, I purchased three pieces from you (to add to my collection). So, I bought the rainbow chakras were in major need of healing. I also bought the intention bracelet and the Strength bracelet.

I had written you to let you know that the rainbow necklace had broke like within two weeks or so of my order and you were so kind to send me a new one. I was thrilled that you sent me a replacement. Shortly thereafter, I "activated" my strength bracelet and wore that...Well, I must tell you, I now believe that the chakra necklace broke, as good luck. I have had pieces of yours for four years now and they work more and more, better and better, deeper and deeper.

If I was to tell you that my life has totally transformed in a matter of two months, you probably would not believe me, but then again I am sure you believe in your energy and jewelry and would in fact believe me.

I ended up meeting the man of my dreams, getting married in Istanbul (we both live in NJ, one town apart, fifteen minutes our whole lives; I am 34 he is 41), this whirlwind romance of perfection (he even sat with me and took part in activating my third piece, my intention bracelet, before he left on his trip)...

Ok, long story short. I started wearing my pieces and trying to put my life into a new perspective...I will spare you the back-story. My necklace breaks. I offer to make food (as I am a Chef for my sister's block party); I go to the party and meet this guy-tell him I am repeatedly not interested and that kind of girl...he persists, I say day he invites me out to brunch and then the boat and then dinner and then for the week...then it becomes the next week and the week after, until he leaves for his trip to Istanbul.

Now, he knows that I am leaving to go work on a ship; I teach culinary classes for a well-known food company. He knows I will be gone for two months. He gets to Istanbul for a five day trip, calls me and tells me he can't live without me...I eventually accept the ticket he sends me for the next nine days before I go to join the ship in Southampton, England.

Four days later, while in Istanbul, a month to the day we met (28.06-28.07) we get married; five days later he goes home to NJ and I go to the ship. We are planning a huge event back home when I return the end of September.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the beauty you have brought to my life. I without a doubt believe that these three pieces gave me the strength, the attraction, the willpower, the magnetism, the love, the forgiveness, the happiness and both the piece and peace of mind, body and soul to live the life I have always imagined.

When I tell you that EVERYTHING in my life turned to perfect with these pieces, it absolutely did. Thank you for believing in the beauty of life and love.
(Posted on 8/20/2014)
Strength in times I feel weak Review by Debra
I've been wearing it nonstop over the past two weeks during which I've had to make some very difficult and scary emotional decisions. It has really helped me remember my strength in those moments when I feel a little weak. (Posted on 5/13/2011)
When I need a little strength Review by Bernadette
I went back to school after 10 years and the first two bracelets I picked out were transformation and strength...they both just jumped out at me on the website. I wear strength when I need a little extra boost! It's part of my ensamble every class...thank you! (Posted on 5/13/2011)

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