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Standing Lemurian Quartz Point


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These standing Lemurian Quartz crystals are considered to be one of the "Master Crystals," teaching oneness and helping us to embrace our own individuality. Emitting a high vibration of light and hope, these crystal points are powerful tools for helping you access your inner self and wisdom. The grooves or ladder-like striations present on the lemurian crystals are said to act as a "stairway to heaven." To take your path to self discovery to the next level, unlock the ancient energy and teachings stored within these crystals by rubbing your fingers over its ridges. Choose from a natural Citrine or Clear Quartz standing lemurian crystal point!

Small ~1.5" • Medium ~2.25" • Large ~3.5"


Both natural Citrine and Clear Quartz, these standing Lemurian Crystal Points from Brazil are extremely high-vibrational—their energy is truly out of this world! They are each semi-polished to reveal their clarity and vibrance, yet keeping their ridges and lemurian characteristics in tact. They are also standing crystal points, making them perfect for your sacred space or crystal altar.  

Lemurian Crystals are considered one of the "Master Crystals," teaching oneness and helping us embrace our individuality. Lemurian Crystals are believed to be the record keepers of the ancient civilization Lemuria. Legend states that they are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to the stars.

They emit a very high vibration of light and hope and are a wonderful crystal to clear and activate the chakras, removing all energy blockages from the body. With a particularly feminine energy, the Lemurian quartz crystals offer an emotional portal through which love and light can pour into the heart chakra. Lemurian Crystals are a variety of Quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. The ladder-like striations present on all Lemurians are said to act as a 'stairway to heaven.'

Lemurian crystals look different than quartz because they have horizontal lines or grooves on one side of the crystal. Each of the lines represents a record of information—similar to hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian cultures. Some of the Lemurian quartz crystals have little indentations that are called keyholes that need to be unlocked. Sitting in meditation, run your fingers over the grooves and allow your mind to receive the images, symbols and messages. The process will take time, but working with these crystals will help you find your own truth.

These Lemurian crystals for sale are polished and standing points. Each one is unique in size, shape, color and pattern, but each one emanates loving, healing energy. Each one comes packaged with a card that holds the meaning and properties. All sales are final on these crystals.


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