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Amethyst Stalactite Cluster • 2.58lbs


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An Amethyst Stalactite aligns you with the energy of the universe to feel something larger than yourself, leading you towards your life purpose. Stalactites begin with a single drop of water, and over millions of years, the mineral deposits from thousands of drops of water build to form the beautiful eye-like formation. This crystal cluster carries the energy of spiritual growth and protection, while ridding your aura and space of negative energy.

2.58lbs • 4" x 4.5" x 2.5"
There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured. As part of our spiritual garage sale, this item is final sale.


Stalactites form at the roof of a cave and begin with a single drop of mineral-rich water. When the drop falls, it leaves behind the thinnest ring of Calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls, depositing another ring until thousands of rings form together. Over millions of years, these rings build to create the beautiful eye-looking columns of mineral, referred to as stalactites. Stalactites symbolize inner growth and expansion of the higher self, as the beautiful formations are not exposed until you look at a slice of the crystal. Their “eye” formations also bring an aspect of protection, deflecting any negative energy directed at it.

Amethyst is stone of spirituality and self-love that symbolizes sincerity, security and peace of mind. It carries a high-frequency energy that purifies the aura. It aligns you with the energy of the universe to feel something bigger than yourself, helping you to discover your life purpose. 

This Amethyst crystal carries a strong energy for ridding a space of negative energy, making it an ideal crystal for your home. These amethyst crystals work to purify any environment of negative vibrations, repelling all negative energy and attracting positive energy. It calms and cools excessive emotions and eases you into a more meditative state by clearing unnecessary mind clutter. Having an amethyst crystal in your space fills it with soothing, tranquil and peaceful energies. Surrounding yourself with the energy of amethyst helps you to become more in tune with your feelings and helps you get to know your inner self on a much deeper level.

Place your Amethyst Stalactite Crystal on your windowsill, alter or somewhere central in your home so that it can radiate positive energy throughout the space. It can also make a wonderful addition to a child’s rooms for soothing energy. Add one to your meditation or sacred space to further spiritual growth. 

There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured. As part of our spiritual garage sale, this item is final sale.


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