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Grounding Wrap for Women


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Endurance • Focus • Balance
Made with Hematite & Silver Leaf Jasper, our Grounding Wrap for Women was designed to help you connect with the energy of the Earth. This bracelet is made with powerful grounding stones to help you live in a grounded state of stability. The Hematite absorbs all the negative energy from your body to eliminate stress, anxiety and worry.


To live an abundant life, you must be grounded and connected to the Earth. The Grounding Wrap for Women was designed to help you reconnect with the vibrations of the Earth. 

Hematite is worn to help ground your energy as it brings focus and original thinking. It is the most powerful and effective of the grounding stones. It absorbs negative energy from your body, eliminating stress, worry and anxiety. Silver Leaf Jasper is a lucky gemstone that attracts health, security and beauty. It is also a very grounding gemstone that helps with healing. Silver Leaf Jasper instills a feeling of wholeness, serenity and stability.

Affirmation: I am balanced and connected to the energy of the Earth.

Our Grounding Wrap for Women is a 15” double wrap bracelet made with 4mm beads. If you want to learn more about grounding your energy and grounding stones, check out our blog post, Grounding Your Energy with Hematite


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Stable blessing Review by Ana
In purchasing this bracelet mindfully it has only brought me joy and yes, confirmation of my own stability. I wear it daily with good intention and it soothes me. I rub it or turn it on my wrist when stressed. The quality is beautiful and made well. If you need stability in your life this certainly will assist you in your goal (Posted on 10/14/2017)

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