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Amethyst Bracelet


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Think of this amethyst bracelet as your “butterfly stone”. The amethyst meaning brings on your metamorphosis. It helps you to shed your former self—the self that has been weighed down by hurt, worry, stress and bad karma—so that you can transform into a new, higher self, capable of soaring above petty anxieties. The energy created by the beads and pendant of this Amethyst Bracelet, casts a protective cocoon over your spiritual body.



Wrapped in the gentle, calming energy of this Amethyst bracelet, you will experience an intensely restorative energy. By connecting to your third eye and crown chakras, this crystal cleanses you of mental torment. If you are prone to overthinking or repetitive thoughts, Amethyst will help free you of that negative cycle. Known as a beneficial stone for overcoming addictions, Amethyst fosters enhanced decision making skills and purifies the mind of the pain that perpetuates negativity. This is a quality that will further anyone along their spiritual path. The obstacles that have repeatedly tripped you up, and sent you backward on your journey in the past, will be ones that you can fly over when tuned into the intuitive power of Amethyst.

Get your spiritual wings by wearing this Amethyst bracelet in meditation. Not only does Amethyst deepen meditation, it also increases metaphysical abilities like clairvoyance and manifestation. With the added clarity this spiritual necklace lends, you will recognize alternative choices, and elevate your potential for positive change. Sometimes when we’re presented with a fork in the road, the best thing that we can do before making a rash decision, is to sleep on it.

If you really want to bolster your odds of making the right choice, sleep with Amethyst. Amethyst induces sleep by clearing the mind of pre-sleep worries, and stimulates lucid dreaming. Often these dreams will convey something that your subconscious wants you to know, and can point you in the correct direction. Wear your amethyst jewelry to sleep, or simply lie under your pillow or on your nightstand to swaddle yourself in the nurturing energy of Amethyst. When you wake up, you’ll be a spiritual butterfly ready to take on your new journey.

Due to the nature of this amethyst bracelet, all will vary slightly in color.



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