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Spiritual Warrior Bracelet

Maverick, Love, Courage
Made with Golden Obsidian, the Spiritual Warrior Bracelet is symbolic of an individual on a journey towards truth and positive change; those who you can't ignore because they have the courage to create, inspire and change things. Golden Obsidian is a powerful gemstone for personal growth, protection and transformation.

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Spiritual Warrior Bracelet 7.5"
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All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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The Spiritual Warrior Bracelet is symbolic of an individual on a journey towards truth and positive change.  Spiritual Warriors are individuals who challenge their fears and the ideologies that create unhappiness in their life.  They are the spiritual seekers of the world, the ones who have the courage and tenacity to challenge their own beliefs to further their spiritual journey. This quote by Steve Jobs describes them perfectly: 

“Here’s to the crazy ones.  The misfits. The troublemakers.  The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.  They’re not fond of rules.  And they have no respect for the status quo.  You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.  About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.  Because they change things.  They invent.  They imagine.  They heal. They explore.  They create.  They inspire.  They push the human race forward.  Maybe they have to be crazy.  While some see them as crazy ones, we see genius.  Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” 

Golden Obsidian is Black Obsidian with bright, gold-colored mineral inclusions, and it clears your aura of negativity.  Powerful for personal growth, it is a strong protection gemstone that helps to block psychic attack.  Golden Obsidian is a catalyst for change, connecting you, on a deeper level, to who you really are.  It assists in releasing disharmony, grounding you and bringing you back into your body.  Golden Obsidian is a stone of great depth and insight, if you are willing to go within yourself to find your answers. The chain represents unity. The symbols on the Energy Muse coin represent the journey, within all of us, to find our soul. The Meditation symbol represents balance and breath. The Heart Chakra symbol represents love, the most powerful energy of all. The all-seeing eye is symbolic of spirituality and connecting to something higher than ourselves. The Flower of Life represents expansion and infinity, as we are all one and eternal. 

Affirmation: I am a Spiritual Warrior. I am LOVE. I am SACRED. I am DIVINE. I am UNIQUE. I am ME.

The Spiritual Warrior Bracelet is made with 10mm beads and gun metal plated brass chain and finishings.

How To Use


To activate the Spiritual Warrior Bracelet, sit quietly, holding your piece in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your piece. Visualize all the negative energy leaving your body. The stones are listening. It is now ready to wear.

Wear this bracelet for 10-21-days straight.

Setting Intention/Cleansing


Setting Your Intention:
To activate your own Energy Muse piece, sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for the jewelry. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention. And your piece is now ready to wear.

Cleansing Your Jewelry:
Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your jewelry:
1. Place your jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Place your jewelry outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.
4. Lay your jewelry on a piece of Selenite or Quartz Crystal for at least 6 hours.


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