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When your spirit is feeling dim, connect with a Spirit Quartz Cluster. Use the Spirit Quartz meaning to vibrate higher and tap into the depths of your own spirit. With this crystal cluster, you will learn to turn inward and uncover your inner wisdom and knowing while also growing and expanding spiritually. Lift your spirits with Spirit Quartz, one of the most high-vibrational stones in the crystal kingdom. With tiny Quartz crystals on the surface and a larger Quartz crystal beneath, a Spirit Quartz Cluster radiates immense amounts of energy. By emitting such high vibrational energy in so many directions, Spirit Quartz clusters work to uplift your spirit and raise your vibration. The purple, or Amethyst Spirit Quartz, opens your crown chakra up to receive wisdom and guidance. It fuses with your third eye chakra to enhance your intuition and connection to self. In working with Spirit Quartz, you will be guided on a spiritual path toward a greater sense of self and a deeper connection to your own spirit. With your own spirit as your guide, Spirit Quartz properties teach you to turn inward for the answers and guidance you seek. These are one-of-a-kind crystals that were sourced by Heather and Timmi at various gem shows and when meeting directly with the miners. Due to their nature, each crystal will be different in shape, size, pattern and color. All sales are final on these crystals. Hold your Spirit Quartz Cluster in both hands and close your eyes. As you breath and connect with your crystal, allow it to help you tap into your highest self for insight, answers, and guidance. You can also place your Spirit Quartz Cluster somewhere prominent in your home to emit high vibrational energy throughout your space. South Africa

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Spirit Quartz Crystal

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