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Spirit Quartz Crystal


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Lift your spirits with Spirit Quartz, one of the most high-vibrational stones in the crystal kingdom. Wearing a coat of tiny crystals, the larger crystal beneath is as fashionably fabulous as it is energetically focused! You’ll spiritually ascend to new heights as those feelings which weighed you down before are cleansed from the aura. The purple, or Amethyst Spirit Quartz, clears your auric field, opening your crown chakra up to receive wisdom & guidance. The multi-colored Spirit Quartz fosters your connection between your personal will and the universe's purpose for you. Use the spirit quartz meaning to find your true center in our crystal ritual! 

Small ~2" to 3" • Large ~4" to 5"
Spirit Quartz is becoming harder and harder to acquire, a true crystal collector's item. Each and every one is completely different.


Also called cactus quartz, lift your spirits with Spirit Quartz, one of the most high-vibrational stones in the crystal kingdom. Wearing a coat of tiny quartz crystals, the larger quartz crystal beneath is as fashionably fabulous as it is energetically focused! Spirit Quartz crystals radiate immense amounts of energy, surrounding you with the energies of love, serenity and divine guidance. It will help you to spiritually ascend to new heights as feelings which weighed you down in the past are cleansed from your aura. Let go of fear and negativity, and stimulate new life in your mind, body and spirit.

Like all quartz, spirit quartz is a great solution for those in need of an emotional detox. If you have been replaying patterns in your life, always seeking a different outcome, and instead falling into the same trap, you need to hit reset. One of the ways spirit quartz will assist you in forming healthier habits for a happier life is through the clarity that it lends. In order to fix a problem, you have to recognize that a problem exists. When a series of choices spin into a cycle of negativity, acknowledge it and then step out of that circle. While it may take longer to see positive results from your decision to change than you would have hoped, spirit quartz eases the frustration that can pop up with both the energy of patience and the energy of forgiveness. Embrace the insight that spirit quartz infuses you with to discover what you really want, and reflect on how to manifest it in your life. You can program spirit quartz to amplify your intentions. Setting these new intentions for life will infuse you with the energy of affirmation. This confidence will inspire you to carry the momentum of your positivity to influence other areas of your life, until you have removed every trace of toxic energy. If that doesn’t put you in high spirits, what will?

Spirit quartz forms in different variations—amethyst, citrine or a mix of both and each one provides a distinct energy to the crystal:

Amethyst spirit quartz harmonizes the third eye and crown charka. Its energy connects your earthly self with your highest self. The amethyst spirit quartz meaning allows you to open your crown chakra tor receive wisdom, guidance and insights from your highest self. Its energy is also extremely effective in clearing the auric field. 

The citrine that appears on the spirit quartz removes blockages from the third chakra. Citrine spirit quartz fosters the connection between personal will and the universe’s purpose for you. Doing so helps you manifest things quicker and allows you to find an abundance of support and prosperity around you. It also helps remove any beliefs or patterns from friends and family that may be preventing you from achieving your own personal intentions.  

Cactus quartz is a wonderful healing crystal to have in your home, as it radiates an immense amount of energy. Place it wherever you’d like to invite in more divine love and guidance. 

We only have a handful of these rare, unique and very special Spirit Quartz clusters--there was hardly any available in Tucson this year. They come from South Africa, and will not be available again this year. Because we have a very limited supply of these crystals, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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