Spirit Jasper Touchstone

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Instead of playing hard to get with your own self-love, commit to loving yourself. Make your relationship with yourself your number one priority by working with a Spirit Jasper Touchstone. Holding Spirit Jasper crystals in your hands puts you in touch with yourself, and connects you to your heart space. From this place, you can show yourself the love, respect and kindness you deserve. The Spirit Jasper meaning is one of loving kindness. It teaches you to treat yourself with that same energy, no matter what is happening in your life. End the habit of allowing yourself to lose your sense of self-respect after making a mistake, or neglecting to give your spirit love when you don't meet your own expectations. Rather than putting yourself down, work with Spirit Jasper crystals to lift your spirits and raise your love vibration. As a touchstone, Spirit Jasper properties become a tangible way to remember to treat yourself well. Simply by connecting with your Spirit Jasper Touchstone, you will be filled with the frequency of compassion and acceptance. Being drawn to a Spirit Jasper Touchstone is a sign that your spirit could use some TLC! If you've been down on yourself, feeling frustrated, or disappointed, a Spirit Jasper Touchstone will remind you of your greatness and help you to go easier on yourself, even during difficult times. Even when life is going smoothly, this crystal reminds you to stop and show yourself a little love and appreciation! Hold a Spirit Jasper Touchstone in each hand to fill your spirit with love and respect for yourself. You can also write down something you love about yourself and place your Spirit Jasper Touchstone on top as a reminder of your greatness. Madagascar


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Spirit Jasper Touchstone