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Spectrolite Crystal


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The stunning, almost mysterious vibrance of spectralite seems to speak directly soul. And the way that these Spectrolite Standing Crystals command your attention, it’s clear they’re not just speaking to the soul, they’re screaming at it. Whatever transformations you’ve been putting off will come barreling to the forefront of your mind when connecting with a spectrolite standing crystal. Work with it to banish lingering fears and insecurities, strengthening your faith in yourself and trust in the universe along the way.


We’ve recently noticed a subtle, yet powerful shift in the energy of labradorite that is especially felt in a rare form of the stone, known as spectralite, due to capturing the full color spectrum. This shift has us looking to labradorite as a stone to push us toward key realizations and emotional advancements. As an ultra high-grade variety of labradorite, Spectrolite labradorite is vibrating this breakthrough energy on an even greater level.

When you connect with spectrolite healing energy in meditation, you allow its properties to link with your third eye and crown chakras. It is especially beneficial to these chakras because it lends a sense of drive and foresight. Not only will you be able to better picture the future that you want for yourself, you will feel compelled to strive after it. Just as spectralite is the most radiant version of labradorite, this spectrolite stone will teach you how to be the most radiant version of yourself.

Use Spectrolite labradorite in your sacred altar to hold the energy of leadership, courage, transformation, breakthrough and creativity. Let the energy spectrolite stone emits be a constant reminder to recognize and fulfill your potential. There is a rainbow of possibilities hidden within you. Spectrolite will help you discover the many skills that you can use to paint a brighter future for yourself.

Although Spectralite was originally found in Finland, an entire mine of Spectrolite was recently unearthed in Madagascar, which is where these beauties come from. Each one of these miraculous, high-grade spectrolite crystals will vary in shape, size, color and pattern - but each is so unique and beautiful. All sales are final on these spectrolite crystals.


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