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Rutilated Quartz Point • 157g


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Does your mind seem torn between which thought to focus on? If it feels like you can’t finish one thought before spiraling into another, you need to bring back together any fragmented energy with Rutilated Quartz Points. Think of the many needle-like inclusions, called rutiles, within this crystal as filters. When you work with rutilated quartz, all the negativity, self-doubts and fears that once consumed you, seem to get stuck in the protective web of the rutiles, and only the uplifting vibrations of quartz flow past. Whenever you feel disjointed, either in your thoughts or emotions, you can work through that by connecting with your ally, rutilated quartz.

157g • 2.75" x 2" x 1.25"


Just as all the fragments of rutiles are unified within the quartz crystal, Rutilated Quartz helps you to bring broken emotions and energies together into one positive intention. Heal your sadness by using a rutilated quartz point to focus on what you can change, rather than on what you can’t. Rutilated quartz can be a great tool to work with in relationships, because it reminds you to look at situations from a higher perspective. Through gaining clarity with rutilated quartz, you can step out of an argument, and understand the bigger picture. If you’re one to let a small argument build or last all day, working with rutilated quartz can improve your ability to gain a deeper understanding and resilience.

Rutilated quartz healing properties are also beneficial for those going trying to transition into a new stage of their life. Whether you’re looking to get over a breakup, pursue a new career path, or take on an unexplored passion, rutilated quartz will help you to understand and heal from your past, so that you can embrace your present and future.   

This batch of Rutilated Quartz points from our latest Tucson Gem show trip is truly one-of-a-kind. We handpicked the most incredible specimen from the only vendor who had AAA-grade material; and they were not rampid this year at all. There is only one of these points, so you will be receiving the one pictured. All sales are final on this crystal point.  


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