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Shungite Knee Pad


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Pain Relief • Healing
We have found a Shungite Knee Pad to be one of the most powerful healing tools for pain relief, arthritis, circulation and healing. Due to the natural mineral and molecular structure of Shungite, it has a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Place your knee pad on your knee or any area of your body that needs healing—it brings suppleness and mobility to that area. 

Size: ~7” x 6.5” 


Said to be around 2 billion years old, Shungite is found in only one place on earth — in the Russian part of Karelia. Due to the natural mineral structure of Shungite, it has a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Using this knee pad filled with Shungite is beneficial for pain relief, arthritis, circulation and healing. 

In Russia, Shungite is heavily used in the medical community to reduce the amount or need of medications. Shungite is also used at a popular spa in Russia as shungite therapy. They found that sitting with the shungite for even 15 minutes everyday has improved joint pain, reduction of swelling, and lessening of pain associated with illnesses of the musculoskeletal system. We tested the shungite mats out on different people; all different ages with different body types, and everyone noticed an improvement in the way their body felt after using it. One of our staff members noticed such an improvement in her knee pain, that she doesn’t go a day without using it.

The shungite properties are also considered the most powerful for root chakra healing. When it comes into contact with your body, it helps your energetic system correct imbalances or stagnant energies.

To use: Place your Shungite Knee Pad over your knee to facilitate healing. It brings suppleness and mobility to the area that the mat is placed upon. Due to the amount of Carbon in Shungite, it does leave a little black residue.

Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there may be black residue that comes off the shungite mat when you touch it--it easily washes off your skin with water. Also, shungite dissolves in water, so try your best not to get it wet. The Shungite Knee Pad come packaged with a card that has the shungite properties and instructions for how to use it. All sales are final.


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