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Serenity Bracelet Set


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Peace • Calm • Harmony
Made with New Jade, Tibetan Agate, Amazonite, Sandalwood, Buddha head and Clear Quartz, the Serenity Bracelet Set will turn your mind into a reflective pond, calm, fluid and thoughtful. Use the purifying vibes pouring out of these crystals to wash away your worries and fill your mind with tranquility and clarity. Each day, allow your crystals to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. 

Size: 7.5" • 8mm beads


Don’t you wish there was a "Find My Serenity App" on your phone so that you could zen out with the tap of a finger? Well, it may not be quite that quick, but it can be just as easy, through meditation wearing your Serenity Bracelet Set. The double stacker bracelet set will turn your mind into a reflective pond—calm, fluid and thoughtful. Use the purifying vibes pouring out of these crystals to wash away worries and bring tranquility into your mind.

Through the cleansing properties of crystals like New Jade and Amazonite, and the motivating effects of Clear Quartz, Sandalwood and Tibetan Agate, these bracelets cleanses you of negativity while simultaneously feeding your drive to manifest new beginnings. By stabilizing your mind and creating harmony between body and spirit, Tibetan Agate assists you in becoming more aligned with your aspirations. The Tibetan Agate—also known as Dzi Agate, the Tibetan word meaning “to shine”—will cast light into the dark spaces of your mind, allowing you to better reflect in meditation. By providing clarity of mind, Tibetan Agate assists you in avoiding past mistakes while staying true to your goals. As well, the Clear Quartz within this set will amplify and program your intentions. So after gaining clarity, you can rouse your body and spirit to action. The Amazonite is especially helpful in this endeavor as it is known as the stone of lucky hope. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hope, your newfound optimism can inspire big changes in your life. If pain from past mistakes is keeping you from trying new things, Amazonite will help you to release the grip that pain has on your perspective. As an ancient symbol of serenity, New Jade will bring on the calm like nothing else. This stone, often used to bring about insightful dreams, will aid you in recognizing who you are and what you’re meant to do. Wear this Serenity Bracelet Set while you sleep to raise your unconscious awareness.

Affirmation: I am now filled with inner peace and serenity.


Customer Reviews

They really work! Review by Alyssa
During Hurricane Irma, I was a basket case of worry considering my lifelong connections to Florida's gulf coast. As a massage therapist, it's imperative to be fully on the zen tip when engaging in energy exchange through the practice of massage therapy. The day my friends and family would need to brace themselves for the eye of the storm, I had 4 clients that were depending on me to help them relax and feel better. As usual, I had put on my crystal and gem jewelry pieces that were going to help me get through my work day, including my "serenity" bracelets. As I put them on, I tuned into the universe to ask for its help utilizing my bracelets in this time of deep concern....I prayed for serenity as I put them on. On my way out of my bedroom, I somehow slammed one of the bracelets against the door and wham! Beads poured down onto and rolled across the floor down the hallway which then forced me to take a gasp of air in surprise! I was momentarily frustrated and sad, and even though I was already running late, I stopped to pick up all the beads I could find and reflected upon those few moments that preceded their impact as their message and energy were impacting my mind. Do you believe in coincidences? I believe in a series of events throughout life. In that brief moment it became clear, serenity was mine for the taking from the universe to help me as well as others today and always. All I can say is that I'm going to buy them again! We all need helpful reminders to get us through life's challenges. Energy Muse jewelry is legit in its ability to serve! No other jewelry feels as good to me to wear.❤️ (Posted on 9/11/2017)

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