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Selenite Block

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These selenite blocks are a must-have energy tool for every crystal lover's home. These blocks are a new shape of selenite we found at the Denver Gem show, and we're finding out just how versatile they are! Create a seal of protection and light by placing a selenite block in the 4 corners of your room. Place them around you in a circle to take your meditation to the next level. Clear out old patterns and make way for new energy with an intentional selenite clearing ritual! 

Small ~3" x 1" x 1" • ~Medium ~3.75" x 1.25" x 1.25"


A selenite crystal is a must-have energy tool for every crystal lover’s home. It’s a powerful healing and cleansing crystal that has the ability to clear, protect and shield your energy body, as well as the energy of your space. Selenite healing properties allow it the ability to quickly unblock stagnant and negative energy, restoring the smooth flow of energy. They dispel negative or stuck energy from the body, mind and spirit, replacing them with deep peace, clarity and calmness. 

These selenite blocks are a new product that we found at the Denver Gem show, and loved them so much, we bought everything the vendor brought to the show! A selenite block is a wonderful crystal for space clearing and protection. Selenite healing infuses your space with pure, white light to create a high vibe environment. It’s also a powerful tool to clear, recharge and reactivate your jewelry, crystals and tumbled stones. Heather lays her jewelry upon Selenite every night to ensure that they’re clean and clear of any “energy residue” from the day. A selenite block also has the ability to magnify and amplify the energy of anything placed atop it.

We’ve been working with our selenite blocks at the Energy Muse office to find the most effective ways for you to use them in your home. Here are just a few of our favorite uses for a selenite block:

  • Create a seal of protection and light: Grid your rooms with 4 selenite blocks—one in each corner of the room—to create a seal of protection and light around your space.
  • A high vibe meditation: Place 4 selenite blocks around yourself in the four cardinal directions—north, south, east and west—while you meditate to elevate your consciousness and take your meditation to the next level. Hold a pair of Shungite harmonizers as well to create a synergy of yin and yang energy.
  • Clear out the old to make way for the new: Utilize the waning period of the moon cycle to release and clear things that no longer serve your highest self. On a small piece of paper, write down something that you want to clear away before the next moon cycle begins. Place your paper atop a Selenite block with a tumbled stone that aligns with what you’re looking to bring in. For example: If you want to release tension or bickering in your relationship, place a rose quartz stone on top for unconditional love. If you want to clear any financial blocks, use a Citrine stone on top for abundance and prosperity. The selenite will remove and clear the old pattern while making space for the top crystal to invite in new energy.


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