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Sacred Space Travel Kit

Embark on an inner adventure while traveling or on the go! With a kata, incense with burner, candle, crystal point and buddha statue, the Sacred Space Travel Kit encompasses meditation and energy tools to connect you with your spiritual practice when you are away from home.  

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Maintaining a spiritual practice when you’re away from the tranquility of your sacred space and regular routine is extremely challenging. But, it is in those times of change, unexpectedness and excitement that we need to support our spiritual journey the most, so we don’t lose our momentum and progress.

Anywhere you go, you can create a sacred space. Creating a sacred space is more about having the tools you need to get grounded and centered rather than the actual place you’re in. Whether you’re in an airport, sitting on the beach or visiting family, this meditation box will make it easy for you to take advantage of the extra time you have to find peacefulness.

This meditation box comes with: a kata, which is a ceremonial greeting scarf used as an offering to create and sanctify your sacred space, incense and a burner to purify the space, a small candle used as an offering of light, a quartz crystal point for meditation to keep you grounded with the Earth energy and a Buddha statue to help you channel the wisdom of gurus and teachers. Feel free to check out our Spotify playlists for meditation. This combination of energy tools is a simple and meaningful way for creating sacred space wherever you go.

The Sacred Space Travel Kit comes in a beautiful box handmade with Lokta paper. Sakyamuni Buddha is depicted on the top of the box. Buddha is a powerful symbol of peace of mind. It provides inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace. Interestingly enough, Buddhists do not worship Buddha and do not consider Buddha a god. Buddha is thought of as a human being who sought and achieved enlightenment—freedom from suffering—and then bestowed his wisdom and teachings upon his followers. Buddhism is not considered a religion, but a way of life. 

You can set up this travel altar wherever you go and pack it into its protective box and store in your backpack, suitcase, car or purse so it’s there whenever you need it. 

The Sacred Space Travel Kit comes in a 6” x 3.75” x 1.75” box. Each one was handmade by Fair trade artisans in Nepal. No coupon codes are valid on this product, and all sales will be final. 

How To Use


Find a small space where you have enough room to sit comfortably. Lay the kata scarf in front of you and unpack the sacred items from your meditation box. Light your candle and incense, letting the calming scent soothe your soul. Use the buddha statue and quartz crystal point in any way you would like, just as you would use them at home. Meditate in your newly created sacred space or write down your intentions--continue your spiritual practice as you would if you were at home! For calming music for meditation, check out our meditation playlists.

When you are finished, pack your sacred items back up into your Buddha box. Make sure that you do not light your candle or incense near anything flammable.


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