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Guidance Necklace


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The Guidance Necklace, made with high-vibrational Rutilated Quartz, surrounds you with wisdom and support from the universe to guide you on your journey of self-transformation. Rutile quartz is the ideal crystal to wear when you are feeling stuck, or like you need a change in direction, as it strengthens your willpower and motivation.  

36" on brown cotton cord. 


Life is constantly changing, and it is easy to feel unsure of which direction your life should go. The rutilated quartz meaning is to provide you with guidance on your journey of self-transformation. Whenever you are on a healing, spiritual or personal growth journey, rutile quartz ensures you are surrounded with guidance and support from the universe.

The rutilated quartz crystals in the Guidance Necklace have fine threads of minerals known as rutile. Rutiles can range in colors, including gold, red, orange, silver, pink and more. The rutile quartz meaning and energy balances your chakras by infusing your body with divine light. It emits etheric and angelic vibrations, illuminating, cleansing and energizing your soul. Rutile quartz not only inspire spiritual growth, but also help to remove any obstacles that may be preventing you from doing so. It is also one of the best crystals for anxiety, stress and depressing thoughts.

A rutilated quartz necklace is the idea healing crystal jewelry to wear during your life when you feel stuck or need to change directions. The rutile quartz meaning strengthens your willpower and motivation, energizing your ability to make changes and manifest your new desires. Wearing it everyday will deepen your connection with your intentions, allowing you to experience deeper healing.

These rutilated quartz pendants are so rare and special! Each and every one is completely different, having its own unique story within it. Within each rutile quartz crystal, there are different colored rutiles—some are red rutilated quartz, gold rutilated quartz, green, pink and even silver. Each one is so special and carries a high-vibrational, ethereal energy.  

Affirmation: I am inspired to grow and I have the strength to heal myself. The universe will help guide me. 

Each one of these rutilated quartz necklaces will be completely different. N All sales are final and no coupon codes are valid.


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