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Rutilated Quartz Sphere • 76g


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This beautiful Rutilated Quartz Sphere is filled with gold and pink rutiles! Rutilated Quartz energizes your mind, body and soul. It fills your body and space with light, angelic and positive vibrations bring angels into your space. It amplifies and cleanses the energy of your environment to lift dark moods, soothe anxiety and relieve stress.

Size: 76g • 1.35" in diameter


Rutilated Quartz is a very unique crystal that has thin, needle-like rutiles of different colors—often gold, silver, red or pinks— that fill the inside of quartz, giving it a unique and beautiful appearance, while also carrying its own healing properties. The rutiles, often called Venus hairs, create powerful energy that infuses your body—and space—with divine light and healing energy. The rutilated quartz meaning aids you in your spiritual journey, strengthening your willpower and motivation to manifest your desires and make changes in your life. 

A rutile quartz sphere is a very rare and powerful find, and these rutilated quartz spheres are like nothing we have ever seen before! Due to its perfectly symmetrical shape, crystal spheres emit a very high-vibrational positive energy in all directions. It emits etheric and angelic vibrations to illuminate the soul and bring angels into your space. Rutilated Quartz encourages spiritual growth, removing barriers and blockages that may be in the way of you moving forward. It also filters negative energy to lift dark moods, soothe anxiety and relieve stress.

A rutilated quartz sphere also supports intentions, mental clarity, and deeper states of mind, making it a powerful tool for meditation. Because of the inclusions of the rutile, this sphere has visual appeal and depth. Try a gazing meditation where you focus on one of the thin pieces without blinking. You might notice that the sphere amplifies this type of meditation through its intense energy. Its power to connect you with the Divine mind can also help you manifest your intentions quicker by providing guidance on how to achieve them. 

The rutilated quartz sphere is ideal for use in the home because the shape of this crystal allows it to emit positive energy in all directions at once. Placing a crystal sphere in the center of a room or home ensures harmony and balance while filtering negative energy. 

This Rutilated Quartz Sphere is very high-grade and high-vibrational. These spheres come from Brazil and were all handpicked for special qualities. Because we have a limited quantity of these points, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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