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Ruby Fuchsite Plate


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Use this ruby fuchsite as your crystal hot plate to cook up new passionate pursuits. This heart healing combination marries the unconditional loving energy of Fuchsite with the fiery, passion driving energy of ruby. The ruby fuchsite meaning encourages you to take charge of your own health, growth and progress by aligning your heart with your passionate action energy. Lay your written intentions atop your plate or use it in a crystal body layout over your heart.

Small ~3" • Medium ~4" • Large ~7" to 8"


Use this ruby fuchsite combination as your crystal hot plate to cook up new passionate pursuits. Known as the healer’s stone, the unconditional love of fuchsite marries with the fiery, passion driving energy of ruby, in this powerful Ruby Fuchsite Plate. Often used by ancient healers and shamans, Fuchsite became known as a healer stone. It is said that when used by healers, fuchsite amplifies the energy of the intention to speed up the healing process. The fuchsite meaning encourages you to take charge of your own health, growth and progress in life. It is a wonderful wish stone, encouraging light, blessings and miracles. Having a piece of Fuchsite in your space increases your awareness and connection with the Earth’s energy. Fuchsite’s ability to break codependent tendencies will bring your love back to a place of freeness, comfort and joy.

If matters of the heart have sucked the energy out of your love life, you need to re-energize so that you can devote more energy to your passion. Not all energy has to come in a Venti-sized cup. Energize the crystal way with ruby and you’ll have all of the grounded focus, without any of the post-coffee jitters. Ruby charges your life with an invigorating sense of spontaneity. As if holding out a hand, it begs you to follow its pull toward adventure and the unknown. The swell of life force that ruby brings comes from its connection to the earth. In feeding grounding, earthly energy into your base chakra, ruby drives a fiery sense of determination into your feet.

Get moving toward the pursuits you’ve been putting off by setting your intention with the ruby fuchsite healing properties. Write your intention out on a piece of paper, fold the paper in half, and lay it on your ruby fuchsite plate. If you’re looking to take advantage of this plate’s dual love and healing focuses to mend your heartbreak, use the ruby fuchsite meaning in a crystal body layout over the heart chakra.

These Ruby Fuchsite plates will all vary in appearance, size and shape, each one is special and unique. All sales are final on crystal plates.


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