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Rose Quartz Lamp 13.5lbs


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Set the ultimate mood lighting within your space by infusing it with the pink light and loving vibes of this Rose Quartz Lamp. As the stone of love, rose quartz is the perfect crystal to relax into. You’re sure to feel all kinds of self-love as you indulge in the crystallized ambience of these gentle vibrations. We always recommend incorporating rose quartz into your home design, especially within the bedroom. This lamp is a gorgeous way decorate your bedroom with those ideal rose quartz benefits.

13.5lbs • 12" tall + 6.5" in diameter
You will be receiving the exact lamp pictured. Please note that this lamp has natural inclusions + crevices. It is not perfectly polished.


Our jaws dropped when we spotted these rose quartz lamps at the Tucson Gem Show. We’ve never seen anything like these—and for good reason, since this is the vendor’s first time producing rose quartz lamps. Of course we wanted to buy up the entire supply, but were limited to purchasing 3 TOTAL. We did however get the first pick of which ones we wanted, so all the specimen we selected are pure perfection.

The way these beauties are made is actually pretty interesting. Each one is individually carved from a larger rose quartz stone. After transforming the stone into a cylinder shape, they carve out the center where the bulb will go. Each rose quartz lamp sits on a piece of wood, bringing a grounding energy to the Rose Quartz, and comes with a LED light + cord. 

Rose quartz healing energy helps you to tap into an enhanced source of compassion, honesty, understanding and harmony. Let the rose quartz benefits bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. As rose quartz illuminates your heart chakra, you’ll feel abundant with love for yourself and others.

You will be receiving the exact Rose Quartz lamp that is pictured. This Rose Quartz is from Madagascar. Due to their rarity - these are ALL SALES FINAL.


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