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Black Obsidian Facial Wand


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Removing Tension and Stress
We’re all about self-care and self-love. That’s why giving back to yourself with lush beauty rituals for the body and soul is the kind of self-care we can easily get on board with! Infuse your face with a Black Obsidian Wand, and release any tension you may be holding, to give yourself the most radiant glow possible. Combining the crystal energy with facial reflexology is a magical combination that soothes tension, removes stress and gives your skin that youthful glow.

Size: ~3"


A Black Obsidian Wand unblocks any stuck energy in your face, and uses the power of pressure points to give you the most radiant facial glow possible. We’ve all seen someone with a headache, massage their temples, or someone who’s frustrated, pinch the bridge of their nose. What these people may not realize, is that their intuitive reaction to pain is actually facial reflexology. There are points in our face that connect to different areas in our body. When we put pressure on these acute areas of our face, we can stimulate a soothing sensation in the inflicted area. Understanding the signals your body is sending you is essential to being able to treat them. Once you have learned your pressure points, you can use a Black Obsidian Facial Wand to apply precise pressure and activate energy that is both restorative and nurturing.  

Black Obsidian is the crystal of protection. A black obsidian stone is a powerful stone for shadow work, facilitating the acceptance of your shadow side. It helps you realize that everyone has a light and dark side, and it’s not about resenting your dark side but accepting and learning to embrace that nature. These are all things that can cause problems like breakouts in our skin. Black Obsidian breaks up the stagnant energy in your face. At the same time, the wand is using reflexology to remedy your skin’s condition.

Placing the face wand at your Third Eye, between the eyebrows, will trigger the pituitary gland. Massaging this area with the Black Obsidian Wand for at least 60 seconds a day will ease the tension and stress connected to skin problems. For a blemish free face, focusing another 60 seconds on the area a centimeter beneath your eye socket, near the cheek bone will help clear those unwanted blemishes. Once you start learning about facial reflexology, you’ll see your face in a whole new way—mapped out for solutions to skin problems that have alluded you for too long. Clear out the energy clogs that keep your skin from glowing, and shine with skin that is as healthy and radiant as your spirit.

These Black Obsidian Wands are made of high-grade Black Obsidian and hold a protective vibration. Each one will vary slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.



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