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Rose Quartz Dish


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Even when this Rose Quartz Dish is empty, it’s filled with the energy of love. Unlike any other dish in your cabinet, this rose quartz crystal bowl will uplift your energy and the energy of whatever you decide to place in it. Use this as a dish for your other crystals to unite their energy with the essence of compassion. Place your rings in it to supercharge them with the energy of love. Place it on your altar as an offering bowl!

Oval-shaped ~4" • Circle-shaped ~3.5"


An especially powerful energy to have on your sacred altar, this rose quartz dish can help you to make and maintain your loving intentions. Just write down your intention for love on a slip of paper, fold it and place it in your rose quartz dish. Let the dish collect your resolutions to bring in and put out positivity in your life. Rose quartz energy carries the energy of all kinds of love. So whether you are making loving intentions for yourself, your friendships, your family, your partner or for mankind, rose quartz will carry the energy of the love you foster.      

Not surprisingly, rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra. This high-vibrational crystal will blast through the energy blocks that past pain has scarred you with, and reinvigorate your heart chakra with a circulation of fresh energy. Part of the reason rose quartz is believed to be so great for getting over heartbreak, is that it radiates with forgiveness and compassion.

If you’ve been allowing your anger keep you in the same emotional trap, you need to reframe your perspective away from that of the victim. By owning your new outlook of forgiveness and release, you can consciously decide to stop allowing your past to affect your future. This will take time and a lot of rose quartz meditation, but eventually you can overcome the imbalance of anger in your spirit and begin to trust again. Try placing your rose quartz bowl by your feet while seated in a meditation pose. Burn copal incense cones in your rose quartz bowl during the meditation to cleanse the mind and spirit as you work to sync your energy with the rose quartz healing properties of compassion, harmony and release.

Each one of these rose quartz dishes is one of a kind and will vary in color, shape, size and pattern. All sales are final on these. 


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