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Repair Policy

Starting November 1st, 2018, our Repair policy will change to better serve our customers: After the 90-day warranty period, repairs will be outsourced to our company’s approved partners: Bella Findings for wrap styles and Beads of Paradise for all other jewelry styles. If you would like your jewelry repaired, please contact these companies directly to restring and restore your piece.

Should your jewelry break within the first 90 days of you purchasing it, we will repair your piece at no charge, provided the proof of purchase is included with your restring.

A standard restring and shipping fee will be applied to all other repairs that are over this 90-day period (see Restring/Repair form for more details). If your purchase was made through one of our resellers, we encourage you to send your restring directly to us, along with your original receipt.

To have your Energy Muse Jewelry piece restrung, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Print and fill out the Restringing Form: Click on the “download restringing form” below and a new window will open with the Restringing Form. Print this and fill in all the specifics of your restring.

    Note: Adobe Acrobat reader will be needed for viewing the document. If you need to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat, please click here. (link to the program that to the download)

    IMPORTANT: Energy Muse must have your payment before any restring work can begin. If paying by Money Order or Check (NOTE: US Money Orders or Checks ONLY. Money Orders must be issued by a United States Bank.), please include it along with your Restring piece(s). If you are paying by Credit Card, please include the card information on the form, or email us at info@energymuse.com or call us to arrange payment. Energy Muse WILL NOT contact you for payment; you must contact us before any repairs are made.

  2. Mail the form and jewelry to:
    Energy Muse Jewelry
    2301 W. 205th Street, Suite 103
    Torrance, CA 90501
    Attn: Restrings

  3. Packaging Instructions: We recommend that you send your jewelry back in a padded envelope and that you insure your package. If the jewelry is lost or stolen in the mail, it is not our responsibility to replace it.

Your jewelry may look slightly different after it is restrung, since your piece will be enhanced with the latest gemstones and materials that are available. We constantly strive to make our pieces from the highest-grade gemstones and materials.