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Red Creek Jasper Necklace


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Red Creek Jasper possesses the energies of strength and stability, having an incredible terrestrial connection. Its energy facilitates solidity and stability in one’s being both physically, in balance, and emotionally, in reaffirming the harmony of mind and spirit. A stone of empowerment, Red Creek Jasper brings your confidence and assurance in yourself to the surface.

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Few stones have as strong a connection to earth as Red Creek Jasper. Highly regarded by ancient civilizations, Jasper has a rich history of bringing tranquility, security, and healing properties to those who wear it. The pendant of this Red Creek Jasper necklace is a stunning visual representation of the strength and terrestrial connection, which the crystal possesses. With black lines traversing across the jasper like paths along its terra cotta like surface, this necklace has an earthly plane that is as much apparent to the eye as it is to the aura. 

The Red Creek Jasper meaning connects with to the root chakra. It facilitates solidity and stability in one’s being both physically, in balance, and emotionally, in reaffirming the harmony of mind and spirit. This is a stone of empowerment. Its healing essence emanates from its ability to transfer a sturdiness that translates to confidence and assuredness in the body. From this, one will experience an increase in stamina and passion.

Jasper belongs to the microcrystalline family of Quartz, often growing as the connecting rock between fissures. This natural ability to repair is so inherent, Red Creek Jasper is often used to assistant with long term illnesses. Those suffering illnesses difficult to overcome find that the red creek jasper meaning offers a sense of added life force or Chi by cleansing them of negative energy. It is believed that jasper stimulates circulation, and promotes heart health. Whether you need a boost of courage to take on a difficult task, an infusion of stamina to combat low-energy or low-circulation, or simply need to add balance within mind, this Red Creek Jasper pendant necklace is a grounding crystal that will protect and supply your Chi while you combat daily life. 

This Red Creek Jasper Necklace is on a an adjustable cotton cord. Each red creek jasper pendant is approximately 1.75" x 1" x 0.25", and is absolutely incredible! Due to the nature of the stone, every pendant will vary in color and pattern, ranging from red to yellow to green to brown.


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