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Raw Natural Citrine


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Transform your raw intentions into polished realities with the manifestation power of Raw Natural Citrine. Citrine casts beams of joy throughout your space and spirit. Having a piece of raw citrine in your home creates an ambience of happiness, and elevates the vibrations of your home. If you feel like your home environment is a little gloomy, let the energy of this sunny stone brighten it up!

Small ~1.5" to 2" • Medium ~ 2" to 2.5" • Large ~2.5" to 3"


Raw Natural Citrine meaning is about cleansing and rejuvenation. That’s what makes it such a beneficial stone for every area of your life. Whether it’s your business or your relationship, spruce things up with the energy of citrine. Citrine is thought of as a great manifestation stone for business. It cleanses the mind of negative thinking, and keeps you from making fear-based decisions. When you’re optimistic about the outcome of your plans, you are more likely to follow through and remain proactive in bringing them into fruition. Citrine helps you to breakout of your negative focus on the past, so that you can release mistakes, and look to the future with renewed hope. It brings abundance to those who allow it to fill their outlook with positivity.

Let the citrine healing property of abundance inspire creativity in your love life. Happy people are more approachable and attractive to those around them. Use citrine to enliven your spirit and embolden your passion. This stone will create sparks in new bonds and stoke the fire of seasoned partnerships. Allow the creativity it inspires within you to be the push you need to try new things. Under the influence of citrine, you’ll feel a zest for life you’ve long missed.

Every piece of this raw natural citrine will differ in size, shape, color and pattern. It is A-grade natural citrine - so special! All sales final.



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