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Raw Aquamarines

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Meditating with Raw Aquamarine, and placing it throughout your home, office and sacred space, brings relaxation, rejuvenation and releases stress and anxiety. It instills peace, calmness and tranquility within your environment.

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X-Small: 1-1.5” • Small: 2-2.5” • Medium: 2.5-3” • Large: 3-3.5” • X-Large: 4.5-5”


Many of the qualities of the ocean and the sea exist within raw aquamarine, whose ranging colors of blues and greens represent all the different depths of the ocean. In ancient tales, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. It opens the throat chakra, building a bridge between the heart and mind, which helps to manifest your hopes and dreams. Aquamarine healing properties help you to express the truth in your heart and ideas in your mind. Raw aquamarine is also believed to restore youth and beauty, having anti-aging qualities that rejuvenate the skin. Try our Aquamarine Beauty Ritual for the Modern Mermaid

Raw aquamarine stones can restore tranquility, which makes it a useful tool for daily peace and meditation. As your mind clears, you’re able to express your beliefs, creativity and emotions without fear of other’s opinions. The aquamarine meaning connects you to your true self, and is a powerful tool to bring courage and inner strength.  

Carrying raw aquamarine, and placing it throughout your space, will facilitate clear communication, an open mind and decision-making. You’ll be able to communicate your needs while also being able to listen more clearly to the desires of others. Conflict arises in our daily lives, both major and minor, but with the guidance of aquamarine, you have the power to handle these challenges with sensitivity and clarity. The meaning of aquamarine is to bring peace and courage and connecting with it daily will bring you the energy needed to maintain that balance. 

Since the throat chakra acts as the passageway from the heart to the mind, raw aquamarine is extremely powerful to use during meditation. Since it helps to clear the mind, you will be prepared to enter a higher state of meditation. Meditating with this stone on the throat chakra or in your hand provides relaxation, rejuvenation and the release of stress and anxiety. The aquamarine meaning allows you to go deeper into your meditation, becoming more relaxed and aware of your inner self. It facilitates the release of any old emotional wounds, anger or negative emotions, allowing them to flat away and become absorbed into the crystal. 

Approximate weights: X-Small: ~30g • Small: ~75g • Medium: ~230g • Large: ~405g • X-Large: ~562g
These pieces of raw aquamarine are completely natural and are very high-grade (from Brazil). Due to their nature, every piece will vary in size, shape, color and pattern, but they are all equally as powerful. All sales are final on these raw aquamarine stones. 


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