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Rainbow Obsidian Touchstone


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Sometimes the pain of a heartbreak becomes so familiar, that we take it on as a part of our identity; like our secret love of bad television, or being a dog person, living with heartbreak is a part of who we are now. Holding a Rainbow Obsidian touchstone close to your heart, breaks that perception by allowing you to shed the emotional scab that formed around your heart after your breakup.

Size: ~3" 



Like all other forms of obsidian, rainbow obsidian lends you clarity. It exposes the truth of why you insist on carrying the pain of your heartbreak with you. Are you leaning on the presence of that pain as a substitute for the presence of love? Are you scared of moving on? Rainbow obsidian illuminates the darkness with you, so that you can begin to conquer it.

The compassion that rainbow obsidian blesses your heart chakra with will help you to see how self-destructive clinging to your negative emotions is on your soul. If you are beating yourself up for allowing yourself to stay in a negative situation, you are in fact continuing to cage yourself in negativity. Use the compassion of rainbow obsidian energy to forgive your ex as well as yourself, so that you can free yourself from the mistakes of your past.

As the rainbow obsidian healing properties absorb your negative energy, you, too, can release the mental constructs of self-doubt, insecurity and hate that have been your default since getting your heart broken. Let rainbow obsidian reframe your focus from that of being a victim, to that of being a strong and confident person who is working to better themself. Change your perspective to what you want for your future, not how you wish you had acted in the past. As you concentrate on keeping positive energy in your spirit and mind, and cleansing any negativity that arises, you will soon remember how ambitious and passionate you can be when you prioritize wellness over nostalgia. 

Each of these rainbow obsidian touchstones will vary slightly in color, size and pattern. All sales are final on these crystals. 


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