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Rainbow Moonstone Sphere


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Size: ~Small: 1.5" - 2" ~Medium: 2"-2.5"

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Destiny • Fertility • New Beginnings
Let this Rainbow Moonstone Sphere shine its luminous healing throughout your entire space. When you hold a Rainbow Moonstone Sphere, it’s as if you are cradling the calm, gentle vibrations of the moon within the palms of your hands. Use Rainbow Moonstone to invite new beginnings. 


The fresh, illuminating energy of Rainbow Moonstone holds the key to your destiny. Connecting with the gentle vibrations of Rainbow Moonstone will nurture your spirit, guiding you to better understand the future that you wish to create. Sometimes, we allow our fears or worries to keep us rooted on a path that we no longer wish to pursue. When you’re ready to release your fears, and let the calm confidence of a destined spirit take hold, use a Rainbow Moonstone Sphere.

Holding a Rainbow Moonstone Sphere is like cradling the moon in your hands. It encourages a sense of assurance that comforts the spirit whenever you feel lost or stuck. Look to Rainbow Moonstone energy whenever you want to inspire new growth in your spirit or life.

A Rainbow Moonstone Sphere is an especially powerful stone to connect with on the New Moon. If you have an intention for a new beginning that you would like to set, use Rainbow Moonstone energy to set your intention on the night of the New Moon.

Origin: India

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Rainbow Moonstone Sphere:

If you’re feeling drawn to Rainbow Moonstone healing energy, you spirit may be pulling you to embrace your destiny, or a new beginning. Is there an area of creation or growth that you’ve been wanting to explore? It may be time to indulge in something new.

How to Use a Rainbow Moonstone Sphere:

Hold your Rainbow Moonstone Sphere in peaceful meditation.



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