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Quartz Stalactite Burst


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Like giant snowflakes, each of these quartz stalactite bursts are uniquely beautiful. These clear quartz crystals are tinted with just a touch of amethyst to give them a lavender kissed edge. With a rim of points, these quartz stalactite slices will send their cleansing vibrations in every direction throughout your space. Enjoy the infusion of energy cleansing and enhancing vibes that quartz is known for by placing a stalactite burst in whatever room needs it.

Note from Heather: These are SUCH a rare find. I had never seen anything of this quality at the Tucson gem show before, so I had to bring them back for you! These are the ideal crystals for anyone working on a new project. Maybe you want to start a new business, switch careers, or begin a new relationship, but you’re afraid to take that next step in a new direction. Write out an action plan for yourself and place this crystal on top of it. When you look at it on a daily basis, you’ll begin to burst through that fear.

Size: ~3.25"


These may look like the coolest crystal coasters you’ve ever seen, but you won’t want to cover even an inch of their beauty once you see them in person. Instead, try using quartz stalactite bursts to program your intentions. Invite that manifestation energy to guide your ambitions, while also creating a visual reminder for yourself. On a small slip of paper, write down your intention. Then fold the paper and place a small quartz point on top of it. This directs the energy up and out to the universe.   

You may also want to place a quartz stalactite burst on your sacred altar. This will help you to keep checking in with yourself, and making sure that if your mind is feeling scattered or chaotic, you’re taking the time to gain clarity.

If you want to try meditating with quartz, try laying flat on your back in a peaceful area of your home, and placing a quartz stalactite over your third eye chakra. Let it cleanse the mind of stress as its enhancing vibration elevates your perspective above the current moment, to discover the bigger picture. Even just the touch of amethyst that is present in these quartz stalactite bursts adds a relaxing energy that can soothe your mind during meditation. With all of the benefits these quartz stalactite bursts have, you probably won’t know how you want to use them first!        

Every single one of these Quartz Stalactite bursts will be different and unique; no two are alike. Stalactites are some of the hardest crystals to find at the Tucson Gem show because they often get swiped up before the show even begins. Because we went earlier, before the show began this year, we got first pick of these beauties! All sales are final on these crystals.


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