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Quartz Crystal Point • 1335g


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Manifestation • Amplifies Intentions • Light
This crystal point is filled with gorgeous rainbows and foils, and it has a unique feature of its back being raw and unpolished! A Quartz Crystal Point is a power crystal that vibrates pure white light into your space to unblock, purify and amplify the energy in your home. It helps to manifest your intentions much faster. 

Size: 1335g • 7" X 3" X 3”


Quartz Crystal Point is a power crystal that vibrates pure white light. It performs on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to unblock, purify, balance, activate and amplify energy and your intentions. They are very powerful crystals for focusing your intention, constantly carrying and putting it out into the universe. When you place your written intention underneath the crystal, it sends your intention upwards into the universe so that it can manifest faster.

Quartz Crystal Points are also very powerful for purifying and cleansing the energy of your space. They help to eliminate and neutralize any negative or bad vibrations within a room. When you add a crystal point to your space, it is like adding a pillar of light to your room. Place your quartz crystal point on a windowsill so that it catches the light and streams rainbows into your space.

These Quartz Crystal Points are filled with rainbows and windows. We have a limited amount of this beautiful crystal points, as it comes from Brazil. Because we have a very limited supply of these crystals, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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