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Pyrite Crystal on a Stand


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Size:  ~Mini: 0.5"-1"  • ~Medium: 5-6" • ~Large: 6-7"

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Wealth • Abundance • Protection
With an appearance as captivating as its energy, a Pyrite Crystal on a Stand makes a beautiful and energetically impactful addition to your home. As one of the best crystals for attracting wealth and abundance, Pyrite also doubles as a protective shield by deflecting negative energy. Bring this Pyrite Crystal on a Stand into your home to call in wealth and protective vibes.


Known as a money stone, Pyrite aligns you with the energy of wealth and restores your sense of self-worth. It reflects its luxurious energy back at you to help you envision the kind of abundance and prosperity you deserve. When placed in your home, Pyrite amplifies your wealth intention and emits the wealth vibrations to surround you with your intention.

Although not as popularly known for its protective energy, Pyrite crystals are powerful deflectors of negative energy. Their shimmery surfaces send low vibrational energy right back to where it came from. By placing a large chunk of Pyrite in the center of your space, you allow the Pyrite properties to work their magic and expel negativity from your environment.

Origin: Peru

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Pyrite Crystal on Stand:

When you are drawn to a Pyrite Crystal on a Stand, you are ready to call in the abundance, wealth and prosperity you want and deserve. Your spirit is begging you to see your reflection in Pyrite’s golden shimmer, and let it be a reminder to pursue your financial goals.

You may also be attracted to a Pyrite Crystal on a Stand if you are looking to invite protective energy into your home. Because of its shiny appearance, Pyrite is a great crystal reflector and sends negative energy away from you. If you have been feeling the need for a crystal protector, that explains why you are drawn in by Pyrite’s energy.

How to Use a Pyrite Crystal on Stand:

  1. Place your Pyrite Crystal on a Stand in your living room to deflect negative energy and protect your space.

  2. Place your Pyrite Crystal on a Stand in your office or workspace to invite wealth and abundance into your career and your finances.


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