Purple Opal Pyramid

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Connect with a Purple Opal Pyramid to cleanse your spirit of negative energy so your spirit can expand and grow. A Purple Opal crystal helps heighten your spiritual awareness and strengthen your sense of intuition, creating a deeper connection with yourself on a spiritual level. The Purple Opal meaning connects with both the crown and third eye chakras. It helps you deepen your sense of self and your intuition, calling on you to go within for the guidance you seek on your life’s journey. By activating your third eye, the center of intuition, and opening your crown chakra, home to your spiritual growth, Purple Opal helps you elevate your spirit and tap into your highest self. Through its connection to the third eye chakra, Purple Opal is also a powerful crystal to work with to clear negative energy. It flushes your mind, removing any negativity and filling your thought space with peaceful energy. From this space, you are more open to receive guidance from your intuitive self, and to see the opportunities for spiritual expansion that abound. The pyramid shape is known as a powerful crystal for meditation. Holding a Purple Opal Pyramid in meditation allows you to connect to its energy and harness it to raise your vibration and deepen your spiritual connection. Pyramids are also powerful to have in your space as they emit high vibrational energy through the point. Simply place your Purple Opal Pyramid in your living room or sacred space to surround you with its energy. If you are drawn to a Purple Opal Pyramid, your spirit is calling on you to enhance your connection to self. When you want to connect with yourself on a deeper level, and heighten your spiritual practice, the energy of a Purple Opal Pyramid is just what you need. Place a Purple Opal Pyramid on your forehead to activate your crown and third eye chakras. Place a Purple Opal Pyramid in your home to emit peaceful, relaxation vibrations and raise your spiritual awareness. Mexico


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Purple Opal Pyramid

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