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Purple Anhydrite Touchstone


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Psychic Intuition • Communication
Sometimes when we’re angry, we say things that we don’t mean. Not only can connecting with a Purple Anhydrite touchstone ease the tension in your mind, it can also facilitate better communication when you go to speak. If you find that you’re often misunderstood, or that the things you say don’t reflect your true feelings, your issue communicating with others may stem from a deeper issue communicating with yourself. Feelings of stress and insecurity can send negative messages to our spirit. The more we allow ourselves to sink into our doubts, the more comfortable we become with them.

Small ~1.5" • Medium ~2"


Instead of becoming self-assured in your insecurities, become confident in your strengths with purple anhydrite. A purple anhydrite touchstone in hand helps you to clear your mind of negative messaging, and access the beauty of your authentic self. It’s this property that makes purple anhydrite known as a stone of self-expression. The acceptance that purple anhydrite energy guides you to is one that can hush the overly critical mind, so that a healthier mindset can take its place. When you see yourself from a bright perspective, you can see the world from a lighter space as well. This works to lessen the number of times that you encounter regret from speaking out of anger or fear.

If you’re ready to use purple anhydrite to embrace your most honest, accepting and eloquent self, connect with the energy of your stone through this ritual:

What you’ll need:

  • a pen and paper
  • a purple anhydrite touchstone  


  1. In the hand that you are not using to write, hold your purple anhydrite touchstone. Take a moment to breathe as you get in touch with your stone. Feel its gentle purple energy begin to relax any turmoil within the mind.  
  2. With your other hand, write down 10 things you love about yourself on your piece of paper (be specific!)
  3. Then write down 10 things you want to begin thinking about yourself, but have had trouble accepting in the past.
  4. Set an intention to reaffirm your love for these qualities each day by holding your purple anhydrite touchstone in your hands and stating aloud: I am a source of eternal light and love for myself and others. I love [read each of you 20 listed qualities.]
  5. Fold the paper and place it under your touchstone, setting them on your sacred altar or somewhere they can be seen each day.
  6. Repeat your intention at the beginning of each day, for at least 11 days. Continue this practice as often or as long as needed. Remember, you’re worthy of the love and energy you place into yourself!   

Each of these purple anhydrite touchstones will differ in shape, size, color and appearance. Some have orange inclusions of peach moonstone in them; others have green inclusions of epidote. They all have white veins running through them, but they are a powerful stone to work with. All sales are final. 



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