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Prosperity Charm


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Luck • Prosperity • New Beginnings
Our Prosperity Charm combines the energies of Pyrite, White Agate, Moonstone, Red Jade & Red Garnet to infuse your everyday life with luck and prosperity. This keychain combines these crystal energies with a Maneki Neko Cat as a lucky charm for good fortune and success.


The Prosperity Charm is designed with Pyrite, White Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, Red Jade and Red Garnet to bring luck and prosperity into your life. The Maneki neko Cat, also known as the Lucky Cat or Money Cat, brings good luck and success to its owner. The Maneki Neko cat is a popular Japanese lucky charm or talisman that is believed to bring good fortune, luck and prosperity. Modern Japanese folklore suggests that keeping this lucky charm with you at all times will bring about favorable results and life successes. 

Carry your Prosperity Charm with you to infuse your life with prosperity and good fortune! Make a wish and let your charm lead you!


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