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Positive Energy Bracelet


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Inspiration • Light • Happiness
Our Positive Energy Bracelet combines inspiring, positive energy crystals to help you attract positive energy into your life. This healing bracelet combines the energies of Botswana Agate, Dumortierite, Angelite, Amethyst and Fresh Water Pearls. 

Size: 7.5" with 8mm beads


Positive Energy is positivity that flows within you, filling your body and expanding out into the world. Our Positive Energy Bracelet combines powerful positive energy crystals to create a wearable way for how to attract positive energy.

Gray Botswana Agate drives away negative and destructive energies while emitting positive energy. It is a stone of strength, healing and natural wisdom. Dumortierite stabilizes your emotions. It balances the lower and upper chakras to bring overall harmony and balance to your mind, body and spirit. Dumortierite also removes blockages in your energy field. It encourages patience, intuition and trusting your inner voice. Angelite carries a strong connection to the angelic realm. It brings heightened conscious awareness and peace. It also assists in dissolving resistance, dispelling fear and soothing anxiety. Fresh Water Pearls promote sincerity, truth and loyalty. They are very soothing and calming, working to enhance your personal power. Amethyst is often referred to as the Stone of Spirituality and Contentment. It carries a gentle, calming and peaceful energy that helps to replenish lost energy.  

Wear your Positive Energy Bracelet when you wish to feel the light within you shine bright with positivity. 

Affirmation: I AM positive. I attract more positive energy into my life.

The Positive Energy Bracelet is 7.5” in length with 8mm beads that are strung on elastic. The charms and metal beads are silver-plated. Due to the nature of the beads, they will all vary slightly in size, pattern and color.


Customer Reviews

Uplifting Review by von
I love this bracelet , from the moment I put it on there was a feeling of calm and as it wear it more that feeling of positivity gets stronger .
It just seems to keep that positive energy constant instead of going up and down .
Love Energy Muse (Posted on 2/1/2018)
Love it! Review by Maria
A beautifully made bracelet, with high quality stones. This was my first time trying/ wearing a healing bracelet and my experience gas been extremely positive. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful item. Looks great as an accesory and works well to attract positive energy into my life.
(Would be lovely if it came in a slightly smaller size; I have a small wrist and for me it's a little bit big.) Overall, love this bracelet and would deffinitely recommend to anyone wanting to experience the healing properties of crystals. (Posted on 1/21/2017)
Positive Energy Review by Monique
This bracelet is absolutely beautiful. Very well made and I love the variety of stone/crystals used for this piece. The colors are lovely. This bracelet gives me life! (Posted on 9/20/2016)

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