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Spiritual Growth Necklace


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These one of a kind Spiritual Growth Necklaces are made with a rare & powerful phantom quartz crystal point. Phantom quartz carries messages from the universe and they represent the many phases of life we all go through. Wearing a phantom quartz necklace is extremely powerful for when you are furthering your personal spiritual journey as these crystals encourage growth, evolution and transformation. 

Size: 36" on brown cotton cord


Each Spiritual Growth necklace is made with a one of a kind phantom quartz crystal. Phantom quartz carries messages from the universe and they represent the many phases of life we all go through. This type of quartz is extremely rare and vibrates at a high frequency. Phantoms are symbolic of evolution, growth and transformation. They form when the crystal’s growth is interrupted, and then it continues to grow after its growth is unblocked. The phantom quartz meaning is to represent the different stages of life. We all go through periods of growth, transformation and blockages. Phantom quartz assists us in moving through those distinct periods, encouraging inner grown and personal breakthroughs so that we can become we highest self.

These phantom quartz pendant necklaces are extremely unique. Each one has its own message and growth pattern. Each phantom quartz necklace is a different color. White phantom quartz is beneficial for spiritual growth and energizing the chakras. Red phantom quartz, or hematite phantoms, harmonizes mind, body and spirit. Black phantom quartz grounds and stabilizes. The phantom quartz you need will be intuitively sent to you. 

Wearing a phantom quartz necklace while working on healing and transforming is the most powerful way to harness its energy. Set aside a time each day to meditate while wearing your necklace, focusing on the area in your life you need to heal and grow. The phantom quartz pendant will connect you with higher realms of wisdom and guide you to new insights. It will bring up negative issues and energy blockages, allowing you to address them and release. 

Affirmation: I have the power within to transform myself.

Each one of these phantom quartz necklaces will be completely different. No two are alike, so they will all vary in size, shape, color and pattern—but regardless of their size and color, they carry a powerful energy. All sales are final on these pieces. 


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