Perfectly Imperfect New Beginnings Candle

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When you want to get clear before setting new intentions and manifesting new possibilities, use your New Beginnings candle to call in fresh energy and help you get crystal clear. The New Beginnings Crystal Candle features Clear Quartz crystal, as well as jasmine and tangerine essential oils. Together, these energies give you the clarity you need to manifest your intentions from your highest potential and support new beginnings in all aspects of your life. This is a powerful candle for any manifestation practice, but it is especially powerful for a new year intention-setting ritual. When you are ready for a fresh start and new beginning in any area of your life, and when you are ready to manifest new intentions, the first step is to get clear on what you want. The New Beginnings Crystal Candle helps you gain clarity on what your goals are so you can develop a clear vision to bring your intentions to life. This crystal candle combines Clear Quartz with jasmine and tangerine essential oils. As a stone of clarity, Clear Quartz helps you get crystal clear on your intentions. It helps you to see the big-picture plan as well as the tiny little details. By guiding you to identify where you want to go and how to get there, the Clear Quartz strengthens your manifestation power. The Clear Quartz crystal is enhanced by the tangerine and jasmine essential oils, which inspire fresh, new energy and uplift your spirit. When you burn this crystal candle, you will open up the energy of your space and set the tone for deep introspection. Once you set the tone for your practice with this candle, you can see the reality you want to create in your mind’s eye and let the flames ignite your intentions. Write a word or intention on the outside of your candle that represents what you want to manifest in your new beginning. Then, light your Clear Quartz Crystal Candle to ignite the energy of your intention and bring it to light. This is an especially powerful crystal candle to use on January 1st as part of your New Year’s Day ritual to manifest your 2021 intentions. . California


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Perfectly Imperfect New Beginnings Candle