Perfectly Imperfect Mosaic Chalcedony Point

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Piece together a better future with Mosaic Chalcedony and make your life a work of art. Throw out the dark portrait of yourself created by fear, anger, negativity and depression, and create a true masterpiece through mastering emotions of self-love, optimism and generosity. Each one of these perfectly imperfect, flawlessly flawed crystals that didn’t make the cut to be sold in our online shop but still have plenty of energy to give! With little chips, cracks, unique shapes and colors and other defining characteristics, these crystals may not be picture-perfect but they are no less powerful than any others. When your energy is fragmented, life feels scattered, chaotic and all over the place. The more you try and push through, the more that things seem to spiral out of control. In order to move forward, you have to energetically put back all the pieces into one container - our human self. But how do you do that? You need to stop and take an internal pause. The energy of Mosaic Chalcedony does just that. It’s made up of a medley of different colors and patterns that all live in union in this one crystal to help you get back into balance. Hold, connect with and place your crystals throughout your space to enhance the energy of your environment and elevate your own personal energy. Use the energy of these perfectly imperfect crystals to foster your acceptance and love for your own flaws and uniqueness. Brazil

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How To Use Perfectly Imperfect Mosaic Chalcedony Point

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Perfectly Imperfect Mosaic Chalcedony Point