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Open Mindedness Bracelet


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Spirituality • Expansion • Inner Strength
Our Open Mindedness Bracelet combines the spiritual energies of crystals, Lotus Seeds and a Buddha Head bead to help you open your mind to new experiences and beliefs. This bracelet combines the energies of Garnet and Leopard Skin Jasper, with brass beads and Lotus Seeds. 

Size: 7.5" with 8mm beads


When you open your mind, and live in a state of open mindedness, you free yourself from always being in control. You allow yourself to experience new things and ideas, which challenge the beliefs you already have, leading to both spiritual and personal growth. You may make mistakes and feel vulnerable, but it will help you strengthen yourself and gain confidence. Our Open Mindedness Bracelet combines the healing energies of crystals, Lotus Seeds and a Buddha Head bead to serve as a gentle reminder to open your mind.

The Lotus Seeds symbolize spiritual knowledge and power. They serve as a gentle reminder to try not to be distracted by the worldly attractions while you are out living your life. Each and every day, continue to work towards spiritual unfoldment. Garnet is an ancient talisman for protection, strength and increased energy. It encourages the flow of energy throughout the body, assisting in distributing the energy from the lower chakras to the upper chakras. Leopard Skin Jasper assists with self-healing, attracting harmonious vibrations and vitality. The Buddha Head is recognized as a powerful symbol of peace of mind. It provides inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace. Interestingly enough, Buddhists do not worship the Buddha. They do not consider Buddha a god, but rather a human being who sought and achieved enlightenment—freedom from suffering—and then bestowed his wisdom upon his followers in the form of his teachings. Buddhism is not considered a religion, but a way of life. 

Wear your Open Mindedness Bracelet to further your spiritual journey by challenging yourself.

Affirmation: I keep an open mind while on my spiritual journey.

The Open Mindedness Bracelet is 7.5” in length with 8mm beads that are strung on elastic. The metal beads and charms are brass. Due to the nature of the beads, they will all vary slightly in size, pattern and color.


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