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Rare, Once in a Lifetime Crystal Finds

Every once and in awhile, there are healing crystals we come across in our travels that are too special to give away. Either because of some otherworldly inclusion, or because the palette and contours are too impeccable to let go, these are the crystals that we can't bring ourselves to sell. Even as we realize we’ve become crystal hoarders, with more spectacular specimen than available space, we just can't do it. But alas, we have no choice. We can’t bring home any new crystals until we part with our most precious of precious gems - who are we to keep them all to ourselves! And believe us, we are white knuckling these rare works of earthly art all the way into packaging. Each of these crystals is one-of-a-kind, so once it’s gone, it’s really gone (which is the part we’re trying not to think about!). We know you'll give these crystals the loving home they deserve! Don’t miss your only chance to claim a piece from Energy Muse’s personal collection with this special offering.